Talk about Computer Vision & AI in Izertis and Industry 4.0, to the MAIIND master students.

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Dec 1, 2022 12:00 AM
University of Oviedo, EPI Gijon
Gijon, Asturias

Next Thursday December 1 will take place an event for students of the Master in Automation Engineering and Industrial Informatics at the University of Oviedo, oriented to Industry 4.0, in which our colleague Samuel Camba will participate.

The talk will be related to the framework of the subject “Intelligent Industrial Systems” in which he will explain how AI is applied in Izertis, highlighting the projects more oriented to the industrial field. Afterwards, the students will elaborate a work based on it for the detection of defects/objects together with a masterclass.

We hope it will be a very productive talk in which students will be able to see the theory of the master’s degree in the professional environment of Izertis.

Samuel Camba Fdez
Samuel Camba Fdez
R&D in Computer Vision and AI | PhD Student

My research interests include artificial intelligence and computer vision. I am currently focusing my thesis on biomechanical data analysis using deep learning and weak learning techniques.