Tackling cancer with the help of artificial intelligence

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Apr 21, 2024 12:00 AM
Gijon, Asturias


Can artificial intelligence contribute to cancer research? It can. In fact, “we are already seeing its potential”. Its application “is going to help us a lot to personalise medicine for cancer patients,” says René Rodríguez, principal investigator of the Sarcomas and Experimental Therapies group at Ispa-Finba. His team participates in the Organaides programme, which also involves the Head and Neck Tumour Oncology research group, led by Mónica Álvarez, the Idonial Foundation and Izertis.

Samuel Camba Fdez
Samuel Camba Fdez
R&D in Computer Vision and AI | PhD Student

My research interests include artificial intelligence and computer vision. I am currently focusing my thesis on biomechanical data analysis using deep learning and weak learning techniques.