Control and Monitoring System for Hydraulic Microturbines Test Benches

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The present project aims to design the control and monitoring system for a test bench that will help to calculate the power level that can be extracted from wind vertical axis hydrokinetic microturbines. The workbench includes a hydraulic system calculated to, through a recirculation between two tanks, achieve high fluid speed in the canal, and the monitoring and power electronics systems to adjust different hydraulic parameters and to control the operation of the microturbine under test, providing the necessary measures to obtain the power coefficient versus tip speed ratio (Cp-λ) curves of the microturbine which will help to extract the Maximum Power Point.


Keywords: renewable energy, hydrokinetic microturbines, power electronics

Samuel Camba Fdez
Samuel Camba Fdez
R&D in Computer Vision and AI | PhD Student

My research interests include artificial intelligence and computer vision. I am currently focusing my thesis on biomechanical data analysis using deep learning and weak learning techniques.